Publications Derived from the Project

The Limits of Shape Recognition

following Late Emergence from Blindness

Ayelet McKyton,Ravid Doron, Itay Ben-Zion, and Ehud Zohary

Current Biology (2015) Volume 25, Issue 18, Pages 2373-2378

 Size constancy following long-term visual deprivation

Elena Andres, Ayelet McKyton, Itay Ben-Zion, and Ehud Zohary.

Current Biology (2017) Volume 27, Issue 14, Pages R696–R697 

Lack of automatic imitation in the newly sighted

Ayelet McKyton, Itay Ben-Zion, and Ehud Zohary

Psychological Science - Dec 1st 2017, Epub ahead of print

Previous Key Publications

Prof. Ehud Zohary

Correlated neuronal discharge rate and its implications for psychophysical performance.

Nature (1994) Zohary, E., Shadlen, M.N. and Newsome, W.T   370: 140- 143.

Visuo-haptic object-related activation in the ventral visual pathway.

Nature Neuroscience (2001) Amedi, A.  Hendler, T., Peled, S.,  Malach, R. and Zohary, E.  , 4: 324-330.

Early ‘visual’ cortex activation correlates with superior verbal-memory performance in the blind.

Nature Neuroscience. (2003) Amedi A, Raz N, Pianka P,  Malach R and Zohary E   6: 758-766.

Dissociation between ventral and dorsal fMRI activation during object and action recognition.

Neuron (2005) Shmuelof L and Zohary E  47: 457-470.

Superior serial memory in the blind: a case of
cognitive compensatory adjustment

Raz N, Striem E, Pundak G, Orlov T, Zohary E

Current Biology. (2007) Jul 3;17(13):1129-33.

Mirror-image representation of action in the
anterior parietal cortex

Nature Neuroscience (2008) Shmuelof L, Zohary E  Nov;11(11):1267-9.

Prof. Uri Polat

Lateral interactions between spatial channels: suppression and facilitation revealed by lateral masking experiments.

Vision Res (1993) Polat U., Sagi D.  , 33: 993-999.

Collinear stimuli regulate visual responses depending on Cell's contrast threshold. 

Nature (1998) Polat U., Mizobe, K., Kasamatsu, T., Norcia A.M.   , 391: 580-584.

Improving vision in adult amblyopia by perceptual learning.

 Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2004) Polat, U., Ma-Naim, T., Belkin, M., & Sagi, D. 

Treatment of children with amblyopia by perceptual learning.

Vision Res (2009) Polat U., Ma-Naim T., Spirer A. 49: 2599-2603.

Training the brain to overcome the effect of aging on the human eye.

Scientific Reports (2012)

Polat, U., Schor, C.,Tong, JL., Zomet, A., Lev, M.,  Yehezkel, O., Sterkin, A., Levi, D. , 2: 278.

Dr. Itay Ben Zion

Surgical Results in the Management of Advanced Primary Congenital Glaucoma in a Rural Pediatric Population

Itay Ben-Zion MD, Oren Tomkins MD PhD, Daniel B. Moore MD, Eugene M. Helveston MD3

Outcomes of Pediatric Cataract Surgery Under Local

Anesthesia in a Rural Setting

Oren Tomkins-Netzer, Daniel B Moore, Zebiba Eshete, Hanna J Garzozi and Itay


Traumatic pediatric cataract in southern

Ethiopia—results of 49 cases

Michael Kinori, MD, Oren Tomkins-Netzer, MD, Tamara Wygnanski-Jaffe, MD, and

Itay Ben-Zion, MD

Prevalence of xerophthalmia among

malnourished children in rural Ethiopia

Daniel B. Moore, Wogen Shirefaw, Oren Tomkins-Netzer,

Zebiba Eshete, Hila Netzer-Tomkins & Itay Ben-Zion